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Los Angeles Dog Bite / Dog Assault Lawyers

 When a dog bites or otherwise attacks a person, the owner can be held liable. Often, such liability is covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy of the dog owner. The injuries and damages of a dog attack can be devastating and cause long-lasting emotional harm. After a dog attack, the most important things you can do are: (1) obtain proper medical attention as soon as possible; (2) have somebody identify the owner of the dog so that you can verify that its vaccinations are up to date; (3) contact an experienced dog bite lawyer at Bernard & Bernard.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog attack, it is important that you contact an experienced dog bite attorney as soon as possible. We will meet with you free of charge to conduct an evaluation of your case. In most cases, we will work on a contingency basis, meaning “no recovery – no fee." Call Bernard & Bernard or use our contact form so that we may start investigating your case immediately.

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